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Available in 6 colors or a mix of all 6. This skinz has holographic sides and a GLOW in the dark belly. It was specifically made to cover a range of vertical jigs. Eyes have been placed at both ends so you sometimes can use the cut pieces for a second lure. (190mm x 70mm)(length x circumference) NOTE:SHRINKING OVER 30% WILL REDUCE THE FOIL EFFECT(turns grey not shiny). COLOR AND GLOW ARE NOT AFFECTED. 6 total skinz.

HoloGLOWphic 6-pack

  • 6 colors available in 1 size(190mm x 70mm)(length x circumference). Fits most vertical jigs and small lures.

  • JigSkinz are warrantied against manufacturers defects not user error. Please follow all instructions and video tutorials. Direct exposure to heat or sunlight may  damage the product prior to installation. Keep in a cool area out of direct sunlight until used. Extreme caution should be used when shrinking JigSkinz as they require the use of heat in excess of 200 degrees. Temperatures over 280 degrees will damage the product beyond repair. If you do not feel comfortable using our products please return them prior to use for a full refund.

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